What Kind of Paper Documents Can I Get to Prove I Have Insurance?

Evidence of insurance is provided by printed legal documents. It doesn't matter whether your insurance policy covers a car, airplane, boat, home, motorcycle, business, truck, motor home or snowmobile. You need some kind of certificate or card in your pocket to prove you have insurance. Some documents you can keep back at your home or office stored in a folder or filing cabinet. The contract declares what rights and responsibilities you and your insurer have to each other and to the public.

The evidence of insurance document can take the form of a identification card, certificate, binder, declaration page or signed application. Each of these printed documents serves a different purpose and somewhat ranked in order of importance. For example, a police officer doesn't have time while he has you pulled over at the side of the street to review your entire auto insurance policy to be sure your car is insured. Nor does the identification card provide enough information to a lender to be sure your house is properly covered.

More and more individuals, companies, banks, lenders and government agencies are turning to electronic forms of the above listed documents and giving them as much evidentiary weight as the original paper document. Perhaps someday we will live in a completely paperless society. Here below you can explore some of the difference kinds of printed insurance documents an what each one offers.