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How Quickly Can You Get a Homeowners Insurance Binder to Close?

It's amazing how many times a home loan closing process forget one of the most important documents until the last minute. The binder! We've literally had closing officers call us minutes before the document signing to fax a binder. They scramble to put together a binder request and fax it to us. We then have to evaluate the home based on the data we are giving and that we can find online and provide a binder and a quote. We've actually done them in less than 30 minutes. That puts a lot of strain on all parties by waiting so close to the signing but it can be done. There might be some changes done after the signing once we've had time to thoroughly reevaluate the risk. The insurer may find some additional limits or coverages to change during the underwriting process that follows the closing. The most important thing is that we get the binder to your closing officer as quickly and professionally as we can. Minutes before if we have to rush. More time would be nice.