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Where do I Get an Insurance Binder if I Don't Have Insurance?

Let's say your at a car dealership and you've picked out a vehicle to buy. You get to the end of the long process of filling out applications for a loan, checking credit, waiting for approval and going over all the closing documents. The finance guy or gal asks you for proof of insurance. Deer in the headlights expression on your face. You don't have insurance. They want a binder from your insurance company to let you drive away in your car. You don't have an agent or a company. Where are you going to get a binder?

A binder is proof you bought auto insurance. So, what you need to do is look for insurance quick. You start getting quotes. Man, you didn't factor in the cost of insurance into the overall price of buying that vehicle. Now what? Call us! We'll get you the lowest down payment we can find, complete the transaction over the phone and fax a binder to the dealer.