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What is the Underwriting Process for the Purchase of a Manufactured Home?

If you are thinking about buying a manufactured home and want to insure it, your agent will need some information about it. The price and coverage will be determined by the value of the home and your contents in it. Also, if it sits in a park or on land you own, we need to know about that too. The year built, single wide, double wide or modular, that all makes a difference in the evaluation. We need to know if it's on a foundation or up on blocks. Is it higher than 4 feed off the ground? Is it skirted, plumbed to public or septic sewer, permanently wired to public electricity? What kind of heat and cooling system does it have. Is there a wood stove installed? If so, was it done professionally and inspected? Depending on the age of the home, has the plumbing and wiring been updated? All of these questions need to be answered to properly underwrite, evaluate and insure your manufactured home. Having these things answered before calling or visiting your local agent will speed up the process.