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Does the Dealer Still Need a Binder if I Can Print an ID Card?

If you paid cash for the car you should only need an insurance identification card listing that car in order to be able to drive it off a car lot. Have your agent or company fax or email you or the dealer an ID and that should be enough. Or if you can go online and add the car yourself and print the ID off then you are awesomely computer skilled! If you are financing your rig, then no, an ID car isn't enough. The dealer needs a binder showing proof the car has full coverage insurance with no higher than a $500 deductible usually. Also, the lender or lienholder has to be listed on the binder. It's also a good idea to have your agent or company fax an ID card to the dealer when they fax the binder. That way you have something to show the cops after you are zooming home with your new purchase.