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Can I Get an Auto Insurance Binder for Just One Day?

Auto policies in Oregon are usually issued for six months at a time. We get a lot of calls from people trying to get a car out of impound and want to pay as little as possible. We understand that. Sometimes a driver will have just bought a car and already has insurance but they can't get a hold of their insurance company and want a 24 hour policy to get a car off the lot. We also understand that. A binder usually means the insurance company is obligated to cover a vehicle for at least 30 days and is issued on a policy that is meant to be kept for six months at a time. So, the short answer is NO! You cannot insure a car for just a day. We have heard of a company out there who will sell you a very short term policy that acts as a bridge type policy until you can get a more permanent one. The cost might be as much for that short term policy as what it costs you for a whole month. The Oregon law says you have to maintain at all times insurance on a car you own or is registered to you if you maintain good tags on the vehicle.